Muscle massager

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Qmed Muscle Massager

  • Rehabilitation at home and with a physiotherapist
  • Helps to fight against muscle pain
  • Even 36 massage programs
  • Wireless and easy to use
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Your private massage

The vibration gun is a device necessary for everyone who plays sports, not only as professionals but also as amateurs. You can massage your muscles and joints on your own to reduce soreness, pain, tension and stiffness. It is recommended to anyone, regardless of age, who complains about muscle pain. It is also perfect for the work of physiotherapists as an aid in relaxing the fascia and muscles and working on trigger points. Qmed Muscle Massager is ideal for sports rehabilitation, as the massage reduces the level of lactic acid in the muscles and improves blood circulation. It supports tissue regeneration after injuries and surgeries as well as promotes relaxation.

6 speed massage modes

The massager has 6-step speed regulation: from 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. Due to the wide spectrum of pressure intensity, it allows to adjust the massager’s strength to the user’s sensitivity. Despite its great power, Qmed Muscle Massager is one of the quietest on the market. Devices with similar parameters usually generate a lot of noise. The possibility of choosing a massage head ensures a comprehensive massage and an individual approach to each part of the body. Qmed Muscle Massager has six interchangeable massage heads.


Spherical – has two sizes and is designed to massage all parts of the body, with emphasis on the largest muscle parts. It is the most universal and safe head, made of durable foam that does not deform.

With protrusions – the tip is made of hard plastic and is finished with low protrusions. It is intended to improve the blood supply to the superficial muscles. Massage with this tip increases blood circulation, and thus more nutrients and oxygen. The massage will naturally nourish the muscle tissues, reducing the possibility of inflammation, which effects with less injuries. The tip is also recommended to reduce cellulite.

Bifurcated – the tip made of hard plastic is intended for the massage of the muscles along the spine, parallel to the work on the narrow and long muscles (e.g. dorsum extensor, trapezius dorsum, gastrocnemius). It also works well in the treatment of tissues in the Achilles tendon area, where it enables work on the tissue bypassing the tendon. The rounded ends of the tip make the tip smoothly slide over the body and accurately reach the muscle groups for which it is intended.

Spot – made of hard plastic, it is designed to massage selected points on the body and stimulate trigger points (thickenings on the muscle tissue causing pain). It is the most precise of all tips and accurately reaches the most difficult muscle groups.

Flat – made of hard plastic, is suitable for working on small and large muscle groups. It provides very good contact with the body, allowing it to reach deeper tissues. It is also useful when working on more tense muscles, such as the quadriceps or the greater pectoral muscle.




  • post-traumatic rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs
  • muscle tension and pain, muscle spasms associated with excessive exercise
  • muscle wasting or muscle weakness
  • relax thickened connective tissue and fascia
  • increased range of movement by relieving stiff joints
  • chronic states of nervous tension
  • break down of adhesions and internal scar tissue, present after injuries or surgery
  • stimulation of spinal nerves
  • aid in mobilizing edema fluid in swollen areas

European Ergonomist Triinu Sirge (MSc. Eur.Erg) recommends!


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